Advanced Health Systems



So why choose Advanced Health Systems? When it comes to your healthcare, one thing is clear…quality counts. Advanced Health Systems has been proudly providing physical therapy services in a comfortable and professional setting to Amarillo and the surrounding areas since 1989.


The Doctors of Physical Therapy at Advanced Health Systems can help you reach your goals. Whether you’re eager to return to your desired sport activity in the shortest time frame possible or be able to enjoy your favorite hobby again, Advanced Health Systems provides superior outpatient rehabilitation services to help you maximize your potential. The Physical Therapists at Advanced Health Systems are highly trained and have your health needs in their best interest. Not all Amarillo physical therapists are created equal. In fact, in Amarillo the Doctors at Advanced Health Systems are some of the most educated and experienced physical therapists when it comes to pain management.


Something that you may not be aware of:


Did you know that you have a choice about where to go for your physical therapy services? Just like you have a choice of which physician(s) or pharmacy that you prefer, you also have the same choice in which physical therapist or physical therapy facility that you consider to serve your best interest in your time of need. Here are just a few reasons that set Advanced Health Systems apart from others:


When you see a physical therapist who specializes in the type of therapy that you need, the research tells us that you are likely to see results in fewer visits, saving you both time and money.


You will ONLY be receiving treatment from a licensed physical therapist.


We are careful to reserve enough time on our schedule to provide individualized attention to each of our patients. We never want you to feel that your therapist is rushed or that you are not the focus of attention—your scheduled time is dedicated to you.


We provide One-on-One personal care – we respect and acknowledge the fact that you are expecting to be allowed your time as well as being treated by a highly trained and qualified physical therapist.


Treatment continuity – you will be seen by the same physical therapist from the day of your first encounter until the day of your release from our care. So you won’t have to tell your ‘story’ to a different clinician each and every visit enabling you to make greater progress in a shorter time frame.


Whether it is neck pain, back pain or muscle pain, all can be extremely debilitating and very difficult to live with. Enjoying a healthy life is the reward that awaits you. Choosing the right partner to help you get there is important. The day has come to say enough is enough; avoid the frustration and disappointment…make Advanced Health Systems your first choice for Physical Therapy. At Advanced Health Systems, we believe that success is a collaboration…our expertise and dedication combined with your trust and commitment. Together, we will reach your goals. So, when you are searching for physical therapy services in Amarillo, please keep Advanced Health Systems in mind. Contact us today for an appointment and begin to see changes that will help you for the rest of your life (806) 358-7474.